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About the WVBS Photo Library

This photo library is a collection of media from various projects produced by World Video Bible School. It is made available to aid in teaching the Gospel, edifying the Church and glorifying God. 

Current Collection

Over 500 photos are currently available as downloadable resources. Lord willing, new images will be periodically added as they become available.

These photos are excellent for use in electronic or printed resources:

   1. Sermon illustrations (PowerPoint or Keynote presentations)

   2. Bible class illustrations (presentation or printed)

   3. Bulletin articles

   4. Teaching tracts

   5. Study resources

For commercial projects, please contact World Video Bible School to discuss possibilities (click on "Contact" option in menubar).


While there are several product options, our primary purpose is to make electronic downloads available. This website uses the SmugMug photo service, and as such there is a minimal per photo charge to cover the maintenance, service and transaction fees. 

The images are available as high-resolution downloads for $0.75 each. SmugMug charges a $0.50 processing fee for any download orders less than $10.00.

Contributor Credits

The following have contributed media to this library:

   1. Doug Garner

   2. Mat Cain

Available Projects

Recent Photos

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